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Lump present in armpit?

Hi, My age is 21 yrs (MALE) , last year I developed little gynecomastia , however I have noticed that my breasts are now fine and not grow any more they look okay , but almost 10 days back I noticed this swelling in my right armpit ( underarm) , it is not like lump/hardbody/fixedmass but it is more like strips of muscles. I went to doctor he examined my breasts and said its swelling in lymph nodes and breast is also swell and gave me anti allergy , I asked about breast cancer he said strictly that there isn't breast cancer ,I can see that right armpit is more outpouching than left one . any diagnosis or help? Thanks

Photos are attached in this link please check them : http://imgur.com/a/gla0B

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When a lymph node becomes swollen, it usually indicates an infection or inflammation somewhere in the body. I am not sure though, why your Doctor prescribed an anti-allergy medication for your condition.
Any lump under the armpit is concerning and should be properly evaluated particularly because you also have a swollen breast. If your Doctor did not order any type of testing, such as a Mammogram or Ultrasound, I would advise you to see a Breast Specialist who will certainly know if more investigation is needed in your case. I don’t think it’s something serious but please ask your Doctor to refer you to a breast Specialist to make sure that you are okay.
Best wishes…
Thanks alot for your reply , I have checked two doctors , one was this one and other was breast specialist lady doctor she is phd in elastofibrography and breast , both the doctors have agreed on point that it is muscular swelling on my breast and has nothing to do with breast just a puffy nipple case , I asked them if I should go to any other doctor and I also insisted for sonograph(ultrasound) but neither of doctor said that its recommended , and yes I was having flu(influenza virus) recently and now fine but the little swelling has been observed since 18-20 days and yes I do alot of muscular work also ,, :) Thanks for response please see the images attached and help out further , :)
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Guys can have breast cancer, though it's uncommon. Too many doctors are slow to diagnose breast cancer in males. I'm sensitive to this issue because I had my right breast removed just after I got out of college because of a discharge from my nipple that the doctor thought was probably precancerous. It's probably unlikely that you have breast cancer, but it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion from a surgeon who sees lots of breast cancer.
Thanks for reply and sorry for reading it late I didn't have internet , okay I have read what you have said , but I have went to 2 doctors 1 is breast specialist who checked my breasts by pressing and other is physician he is really good doctor he examined me for 5 minutes and looked my chest for signs he agreed that I have lymph node swelling under arm but he said it is not cancerous lump and is due to allergy he gave me anti-allergy and strictly said its not cancerous lump . but still gynecomastia+lump puts me at some risk , but I don't know what to do because no doctor is recommending me sonograph or mammogram because they think I am okay .
I think gynecomastia may slightly increase your risk for breast cancer, but even so, I doubt if you have anything to worry about. But keep an eye on it. Signs of male breast cancer are discharge from the nipple, puckering or dimpling of the nipple or a mass (usually firm) behind the nipple.
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You are welcome,
If both Doctors, who examined you, have agreed that the swelling is just muscular then I would not worry much about breast cancer.
However if you have any doubts at all and you are worried, it's essential to “strongly insist” that one of the Doctors orders an Ultrasound so you can have peace of mind.
Since you recently had the flu, it’s very likely that your lymph node has enlarged because of that. Often these nodes take quite a few months to return to their normal size and sometimes they never do .
I have seen the images you have provided but I cannot give you an opinion about the swelling.
Try not to exercise too strenuously for the time being and see if the swelling subsides.
Take care now…  
Thanks , Yes its true that I am pulling things alot on my head and piling up burden , I will ease my self now and do watchful waiting of this swelling to see if it subsides or not , hoping for good .
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By the way, concerning your nipple puffiness, this could be due to Gynecomastia.
Taking certain prescribed medication which could have steroid properties, or using illicit drugs and even alcohol can cause Gynecomastia in adult men.
Your doctor should know about any type of drug you are perhaps taking, so that it can be replaced with appropriate medication.
Hi, to notify you , I only use dumb bells and force my pectoral (chest) muscles , I have never used steroids/drugs for gym purpose and I also have never used any medication apart from local flu/fever common medicines , I had gynecomastia since last years in couple of months my friends told me that my nipples are popping out , but now gynecomasita has stopped to grow .
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I am glad  that your Gynecomastia condition is getting better, just take it easy working out for a while and I hope things will improve soon :)
Yup , hoping for good , and thanks alot for your all reply , support and quick response , God bless you with prosperity and healthy life, stay happy :)
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God Bless you too... Merry Christmas and may the New Year 2017, be full of good health and happiness. :)
Thank you ,informing you that the swelling has reduced little bit now :) , I can see with my eyes that the "BULGE" has reduced now .
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If the swelling has diminished, it's indeed a good sign! Try not to worry too much, things are improving! :)
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