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Lump under arm

Hi. Im 24 years of age and i have noticed a lump under my arm. Is this a cause for alarm. My aunt died from breast cancer. Her lump was actually under her arm as well. My lump feels like a bump under my skin. I first thought it was a hair bump just like my family thought it was a hair bump under my aunt's  arm but it was more. What should i do.

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I was reading some of the related topics and none of them really seem to apply.

I am 22 years old, about 5'5'' and around 140 pounds. When I was about 18, I noticed swollen pockets under each arm. They are not identical. One is a little more puffy and is visible from the front, and the other is not as bad, and in th armpit.

I went to the doctor for my college physical, and he told me it wasn't the lymph glands, but was 'fat sacks' or something. That seemed strange to me, since I was not overweight - at that time I was about 5'4" 120 pounds.

But, they are not sore, and I never notice them; however they are very visible.

Later, during college, I went to another doctor, and they told me basically the same thing.

What is that? Is there something I can do about them? They look so bad, and it is kinda embarrassing.
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Hi Megan,
The lump under your arm could be an enlarged lymph node.  It there is an infection near the site, which could cause the lymph node to enlarge.  However, as you’ve said, your aunt with breast cancer initially presented with an enlarged axillary lymph node.  That is also a possibility.  Breast cancer can present in a young female especially if there is a strong family history of it.  
You may want to seek consult with your doctor for evaluation.  
Good luck.
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