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Lump under left arm

First a felt a little pain under my arm a think a day after I shaved it, I just felt that maybe I just nicked my self like I do cause the pain was normal, but then the next day I would left my arm and the pain was a bit wores, and then I notice a lump or something. The pain lasted for a couple of days or so, and the lump began to get smaller and smaller. When I left my arm up I can notice it, but it's not causing any pain now, and it's been about 2 months. The lump now is really small painless compared to when I first saw it and felt it. Could anyone help, I've been lookin up everything from Breast Cancer to HIV. But is it ture in HIV cases that mainly more than one lymph node is affected since HIV travels through the whole body.

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Hi from the history of follicle manipulation (the shaving), this is most likely a localized infection of the glands around the hari follicles.  this is really a common occurrence and this would usually resolve.  However, there might be a residual lump due to fibrosis of the previously infected tissues.  It is best to have this evaluated by your doctor since if there is still residual infection, this might have to be treated with antibiotics.
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So your saying that mines may not be a lymph node, but a gland around a hair follicle? How long does it normally take to resolve? And also how do you know if you have a swollen glad or lymph node under your arm and normally does more than just one swells up? But thank you for the information that you have already given to me. I will have it looked at as soon as possible.
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