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Lump under left underarm

Hello, I am a 26 year old Hispanic female who has experienced tender breasts 1 week prior to my mentrual cycle for several years. Once my period finishes I’m back to normal without the soreness. I have been seen by my gyn who states, my symptoms are normal. Yesterday I noticed that I had a bean size lump under my left armpit; that area had been a little sore for the past week before I noticed the lump; I also started my period 1 day after the lump appeared. Should I be concerned and get an appointment with my gyn asap? Or should I just wait a week and see if it leaves on it’s own? Could this be a sign of breast cancer or is my body trying to tell me I’m risk for it ?  I’m really scared, and hope it’s nothing serious . Hope someone can answer to my concerns.  
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  First, please know that demographically, your age means you are less likely to have breast cancer.  Wanted to start with that fact.  But when we find a lump under our arm pit, it's always wise to get it checked by your doctor.  I would highly suspect that it is actually a lymph node and related to cancer as to why it is swollen.  https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/swollen-glands#1.  These swell in relationship normally due to the lymphatic system fighting off some sort of bacteria.  It could also be a cyst.  

So, to be sure, please let your doctor see it.  If a triggered lymph node due to your bodies immune response in fighting off a cold or infection or other virus, it may  last for several weeks.  

Let us know what the doctor says but would not be overly worried.
Thankyou so much for your response.. My nurse practitioner checked it out and stated it is a cyst... it has now been 3 weeks since I noticed it and have seen it grow in size and is now bigger and flat.. should I consider going for a second opinion? Or  would you happen to know if these are characteristics of a cyst ? Thankyou
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Hello, wanted to follow up.  I do think you should investigage the cyst.  Often, a doctors office will aspirate those. Did they recommend any further follow up for you? Here is everything you ever wanted to know about cysts! https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/guide/cysts-lumps-bumps#1.  Mostly they are not a cause for concern and do present the way yours did.  However, you do need to make sure and this is why a doctor often will aspirate or do further investigation. So, it would make sense to follow up with your doctor about the cyst since it is changing.  Let us know how this goes!  Best of health to you.
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