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Lump under my right nipple.

Yesterday I noticed a pain in one of my nipples. It's sore, and I had to actually roll over to lay on my other side so it wasn't touching the bed when I slept.  There's a lump under it. Not under it visibly, but I felt I guess "behind" the nipple and there was a lump there that wasn't behind my left one (behind as in, inside the breast).  It's sore even when I'm not touching anything.  I'm only 17, my grandmother's had cancer, my mother's had cancer removed, I'm scared.  Unfortunately I also hate needles.  The lump itself (forgive the comparison) feels somewhat like a pimple, or the thing inside the pimple when you can feel it and try to pop it, except much larger and more painful.

What could this be?  Should I be worried?
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I don't think that this has anything to do with breast cancer.But you should be talking to your mom,or someone close to you about this lump.
It is quite common for teenagers to get lumps under the nipple and it may affect both or only one breast.This is due because of hormonal changes in the body as it develops.Usually these lumps take a few weeks to disappear providing that the area around the nipple doesn't look red and swollen and isn't causing any pain.
The best advice I could give you is to talk to your mom so she can make an appointment with your family Doctor to check this lump and see if it might need any treatment.
Take care ....
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