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Lump under right areola

I am a 41-year old male. Primarily I would like to add that I have Psoriasis. This is not a Psoriasis question but may be related. The Psoriasis spreads continuously from head to toe and has since I was 14. Never before has it spread to my chest area until recently (A month or more ago give or take.) The Psoriasis began under my right arm and moved over the right areola. At that time (over a week period) the Psoriasis then split into two patches – one patch above the areola and the other patch just below the areola. Upon scratching as I always do, I noticed what I can only describe as a lump about an inch in circumference. When I make the peach sign with my index and middle finger and place it on the lump (Moving it around) it feels as though it moves freely and is soft or flexible like that of a large water blister. There is no increase in size of the nipple nor is the any nipple retraction, indentations or deformity whatsoever. There is very slight discomfort when contact is made with my fingers or other objects. There is no changes in the skin color or any ulceration. Most of the time, I don’t know it’s there unless I touch it. The lymph node under my right arm is noticeable to the touch but is no bigger than I have felt throughout the years. Under my left arm, I can’t even find the lymph node and the testicle self-exam is clear. I have no family history of cancer. I do take two Excedrin a day.

Question: What the heck is going on lol.
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I think you would be wise to consult a Breast Specialist regarding this lump. Some further investigation such as Mammogram and/or Ultrasound may be helpful in diagnosing this problem. I'm not sure if it could be related to your Psoriasis but I doubt it. Please have it ck.d fairly soon.   Regards ....
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