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Lump under right nipple

My daughter, who is 10 years old, just came to me this morning complaining of pain when she presses on her right nipple.  It has a lump that is hard.  (Her left nipple is soft.)  She is not in puberty yet and I am very concerned.  I have a history of cancer in my family.  I plan on calling our doctor tomorrow for an appointment, but I'm just wondering if you can share your thoughts on what could be causing this.
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Dear camillr:  Breast cancer is not an issue in young girls who do not yet have developed breast tissue.  However, if there is a lump, it should be evaluated.  It could be many things but it would be wise to rule out anything serious.
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Thank you; I feel a little better.  I was able to get an appointment with our primary care physician this afternoon, so I plan on following through and getting it looked at.  Thanks again for your quick response.
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I have the same problem ecept i am a 15 year old guy

exact same problem right nipple lumpy thing
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