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Lump underneath armpit

As I was taking a shower yesterday I noticed that I had a small lump in my left armpit. At first I thought I had a pimple or and infection but it didnt have a white tip and the lump seems to be under my skin. Should i immediately make an appointment to see a doctor? It's beginning to hurt. I was doing some research and it seems to be obe of the earliest symptoms of breast cancer. Is it possible to have cancer at age 23?
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Usually a painful lump in the armpit is not indicative of breast cancer.It could be something as simple as a cyst or inflamed hair follicle.For the time being,avoid antiperspirant ,apply warm compresses, use an antibacterial soap and see how it goes in a few days.
In case the symptoms persist, please consult your health care provider or a dermatologist because lumps under the armpit that don't go away is concerning since lymph nodes are also present in this area and should be evaluated.
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