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Hi, three weeks ago I a cluster of microcalcifications removed by lumpectomy.  Two days after, my breast swelled up like crazy where the internal stitching etc had been done, now that is all calming down a bit, I felt around to see how it was progressing and found a lump.  Is it possible for a cancer lump to have grown so quickly or could it have always been there and they missed it.  At first I thought it was the edge of the swelling, but that seems more flat and angular, where this feels round. I cannot get it checked for a couple of days, my appointment for the results of the lumpectomy is on 27th February.  My situation has been a very long process - it started on November 19th 2007 and I am still waiting for a true verdict until the 27th February and feel that things could have developed due to this ridiculous timescale.  I had my lumpectomy at the end of January.

Thank you
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It's a hematoma, which is a collection of blood that often forms after surgical or needle biopsy. It's your body's way of stopping the bleeding and usually feels round and very hard. It will start to shrink, but can sometimes take weeks or months.  Make sure you mention it and your concerns about it when you go for your follow up appointment, but I'm confident the surgeon will tell you the same thing.
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Hi, thanks for your last post.  My follow up appointment was made for the 27th February and I have just received a letter saying I need to go in 20th (tomorrow), now I am in absolute frenzy as to why they are calling me back early (they have been late and seemed non concerned for the past four months), so what worries me now is the sudden urgency - does this mean that something is more wrong after having studied my lumpectomy? does it mean that the early DCIS has now progressed and is invasive? or have they got dirty margins or have they missed - could it be these things.
I am so worried that things are going so wrong and all I can think about are my four young children.

Thank you.
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I suppose it could be any of those things you mention.  But until you know for sure, try to think about the most likely reason which is that the surgeon had a cancellation and is now trying to fill his/her schedule.
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Hi, thanks for your last post.  Just got back from the hospital - the doctor told me that the cancer has  now progressed and is invasive by 1mm, they didnt get good margins, he wanted to do another lumpectomy but we insisted on a mastectomy, so now I am due for that on the 4th March.
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