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I am a 14 year old male, and I have just discovered a small, pea sized lump under my left nipple. I have done research and it could be either breast cancer, a blocked duct under my nipple or Gynecomastia . It is painful to touch, but I doubt its cancer, as it is the only symptom of it, and it says there should be numerous, not just one. I know I should see a doctor, and I have a routine physical next week were I will bring it up. My dad is a dentist, and thereforing going through medical school, he says it its nothing, just something that happens during puberty. If it is Gynecomastia, however, does it need treatment or should I just leave it?

Thank you for any help
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Hi there.

Gynecomastia is the symmetric enlargement of the breast tissues in a male.  A pea sized lump does not conform with the definition of gynecomastia.  I agree with your dad that this may be just part of puberty as my brother also had this when he as about 13.  We were given the option by the doctor to have it removed or observed.  We decided to have it removed and it turned out to be a benign nodule, and has not recurred even after a decade and a half.  I agree with you showing this to your doctor.

Regards and God bless.
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I am 13 and have lumps under both of my nipples and they r both inflated they only go away if I pinch them or sumthin  I went to the  doctor a whil ago but he just said I don't have breast cancer are they gunna go away?
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