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Lumps under each nipple. Gynecomastia?

Hi, I'm a 32 year old male who's got a lump under both nipples.  The lumps haven't increased in size and there's no discharge when I squeeze the nipples.  I also feel no pain.  Sometimes there's discomfort near my left nipple but a majority of the time I don't have any discomfort.  From what I read online, gynecomastia can be caused by anti-ulcer medications like Prilosec or Tagamet.  Back in September, I had H.ployri. After I got off the antibiotics and the anti-ulcer meds to control the acid reflux part, I still had some left over acid reflux here and there.  My GP said that's normal because the H. Ployri messed up the balance of the acid in my stomach.  It may take 3 months or so to return to normal.  So, I was taking Prilosec & Tagamet here and there.  Eventually, everything went away.  I take Zantac or Tagamet when needed when I have heartburn but that's pretty rare now. I know there are other reasons why Gynecomastia can occur but I thought I'd mention the anti-ucler aspect.

I don't know if this makes a difference but there's history of cancer in the family.  

Should I stop taking the Zantac or Tagamet when I have heartburn?  Will it go away on it's own?
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Dear bvwolf22:  Gynecomastia is an elargement of the breast tissue in a male.  
Gynecomastia usually does not feel like a "lump."  The general rule regarding "lumps" is that they should be evaluated by a doctor.  Your doctor should also advise regarding your zantac or tagamet.  
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