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Lump...that is painfull

I am only 16 years old and is scared to death right now. You see im anemic, just though i would throw that in there because it  could be a cause. But i found this lump, i think it may have been one, under my nipple on my left breast. Now for a while it was really sore to the touch that i couldnt even sleep on my stomach. So the pain went away, but now everytimes you squeeze my nipple, i have this brownish really watery fluid come out of the side of my nipple. I have back pain, constant urinatioin, i feel dizzy and nauseated...doc can you please tell me what could be wrong with me...im an athlete and i need to know whats wrong before i hit the court...please don't tell me its breast cancer!!!
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Go and see your doctor.
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First let me say that you should see your family Physician for an examination and second you shouldn't be scared ..... breast cancer, aside from being VERY rare in someone your age, does not cause pain nor would it be related in any way to the other symptoms you mentioned. Many times in persons in your age group there can be cysts that form in the breasts that can be quite painful .... these are often related to the hormonal changes within the body and will come and go in relation to the menstrual cycle. Please see your Dr. about these problems as I'm sure he/she can give you some help .... STOP being scared ... OK ??  Regards ...
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