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Lumpy Breasts

Hello i am really confused about lumps and what normal lumps are???
i can feel lots of little lumps in my breasts. its hard to explain but, the lumps are not in the soft area of my breasts but they are when i push more firmly down i can feel them. What are normal lumps and what do the concerning lumps feel like and where are they usually found ???
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Some women have naturally lumpy breasts. I am definitely one of those woman. During my teens, I noticed my breasts would feel "lumpy" or almost hard sometimes. It's kind of difficult to really explain how they feel, but I know they're normal for me. I also noticed that with my cycle they would swell and get sore but they would only be tender during that time. A few years later I lost a little weight and I noticed a new shape in one of my breasts. I had it looked at and it was just normal breast tissue growing out sideways. Because of this whole experience I felt lost as to what to look for and I asked around. So spreading the knowledge:

Know your own breasts. Each one is different and sometimes they're a little quirky. But if you know them, and you know what is "normal" for you, you are more likely to notice changes. Therefore do monthly self exams and annual doctor ones.

As far as lumps go, when you notice a new one, by all means make an appointment with your doctor. Just take extra care in how it looks, acts, and feels because your dr. will want to know. So if it feels like it moves under your skin versus if it feels like it is anchored down. Or if it doesn't swell, change with your cycle or the rest of your breast tissue. Also if it's sore independently of the rest of your breast. All things to note. Just keep in mind that a lump doesn't automatically equal breast cancer and cysts and benign (noncancerous) tumors are pretty common as people get older. So there is no need to ever get freaked out if you ever notice a new lump. Don't ignore it, but don't stress.

Also, not all breast cancer comes in forms of lumps. So look at your nipples and breasts in the mirror too. Notice your entire breast's shape, color, and texture. So dimpling, looking as though the skin or nipple is being pulled or becoming inverted, discharge, skin splotches, changes in nipples- these are all things that should be discussed with a doctor. As should feelings of pulling/stretching, constant irritation or itching, or a burning sensation. Especially if they're new. Again these don't automatically mean cancer, but they can be cause for concern.

So to sum up: "Normal" is a relative term. The best way to know what is normal for you is to know your own breasts and keep up with self-exams. As far as protecting yourself from breast cancer, maintain a healthy diet, and watch for CHANGES (not just lumps) and bring these up with your Dr.
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