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Lymph node swelling

My right breast cancer was diagnosed in April of 2008, 15 months after my first abnormal mammogram.
When my first mammogram was performed I could feel enlarged lymph nodes at two sites. One was my
right axilla and the other was my left groin.
My question is: Does the left goin enlarged lymph nodes indicate a possible site for metastasis? Should
I be addressing this issue with my radiation oncologist?
My mass was 2.5mm and very close to the chest wall and skin. Receptor positive and no lymph node
involvement (one cluster of 4 nodes).
Thanks,  Barb
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Dear Barb:  It would be unusual for there to be positive lymph nodes in the groin of a person with otherwise lymph node negative breast cancer.  If this is enlarged, you should point it out to your doctor, either oncologist or primary care physician.  
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