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Lymphedema, reconstruction and tamoxifen

Hi, its been a long time since I first came on this site and during the time I have been away I developed lymphedema in my right forearm and have been receiving therapy which ended today, at the moment I think I am in the primary stage as my arm dimples and the increase is 4 cm in comparison with the other arm, so I think I am borderline for stage 2.  My concern now is that I am hopefully having an implant reconstruction this year, after having spent almost three years of thinking about it, but my physio warned me today that it could worsen my lymphedema.  Has anyone else had lymphedema and then the reconstruction and did they notice that it worsened.

Another worry that I have is that I have been on Tamoxifen for three years and have now developed hormonal cysts - is this a bad sign?  I have also been having periods which have been normal through the duration of my taking the tablets, is this normal.  I am due to have more tests in August but seem to have got back into worry mode.  Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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Dear Hazel:  Your physiotherapist is correct.  Any procedure that may impact that arm could impact the lymphedema.  You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  Regarding tamoxifen, it is not uncommon for women to menstruate during tamoxifen.  Whether or not the "cysts" are related would need to be determined by your doctor.  
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