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Lymphoma of the Breast

Hi.  My mom was recently told that she has breast Lymphoma.  She's scheduled to meet with her Oncologist tomorrow to find out more.  However, the doctor who initially interpreted the report stated that my mom would need to undergo surgery to remove the small lump in her breast, a few swollen lymph nodes, and could possibly be facing chemotherapy.  I can't seem to find much about this form of cancer as it is said to be rare.

Has anyone heard of such a condition?  If so, where can I locate more information on this disease?  As my mother is meeting with the Oncologist tomorrow, if you could pose some good questions for her to ask, that would be helpful as well.

Thanking you in advance for your response.

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This is an extremely rare condition and even though it has no well defined treatment the usual course is removal of the lump followed by Chemotherapy. I will send you a website by Private Message but there may not be a lot of information or possibly not the information you seek. The Oncologist will be your best souce of information as he/she can explain things as you go along.    Regards .....
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