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My relative aged 32 years unmarried had a lump in right breast. The FNAC and core needle biopsy were negative. Lumpactomy was done and the biopsy report showed two lumps of 5.5 cm and 2 cm with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. The mastectomy was done with removal of 27 lymph nodes. No further tumour were shown, lymph nodes were not involved and margins were  free.  Her ER/PR is negative,  but HER2/neu is amplified in FISH method. Chemeo FEC have been started, which will run for six cycles. herceptin will be added in next cycle, because the FISH report was recd late.
Cancer have been staged as IIA. My concern is whether breast conservation was not possible in her case and was the mastectomy was the only alternative in her case considering the size of tumour, grade of cancer and her  young age. What will be her options  for reonstruction after radition as she is lean and muscular having no tummy fat.
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I sympathize with your concern for your "relative" but this is a matter strictly between her and her team of Dr.s That would be the Breast Surgeon, Oncologist and Plastic Surgeon if that type of specialist should become involved.   Thank you ......
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