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MRI trying to figure out

I went to the doctor today for a weird looking drying that i found around my right nipple. Incidentally i have been having a lot of problems with this breast prior to this symptom such as pain and clear oily nipple discharge. The doctor said it was eczema which makes sense since i have asthma but also doesn't make any sense because i don't have it anywhere else on my body. He also suggested that it might be Inflammatory breast cancer but since i am only 20 he gave me some cream and told me to come back in two weeks if it doesn't go away...I have had a MRI, mammo, and ultrasound. They were not very clear and what it sounds like is that they see something although it doesn't look threatening. I was wondering if anyone can interpret this so i can figure out if my recent problem has anything to do with my MRI findings. Note: MRI was taken before Mammo although i thought that the mammo would not detect anything since woman under 30 have dense breast and wont detect micro classification. Correct me if im wrong.

No prior mammograms submitted for correlation.  It is noted that
mammographic correlation is often supplementary and complimentary
to the MR imaging of the breast.  The study is correlated with
recent right breast ultrasound dated 06/10/2009 which was reported
to be negative.

Moderate severe bilateral breast background enhancement noted.
There is focal nonmass-like benign enhancing characteristic area
noted in the lateral aspect of the right breast upper outer
quadrant.  This area does not show rapid initial rise or washout
characteristics.  No abnormal enhancing mass lesion seen within the
left or right breast.  Minimal bilateral retroareolar ductal
dilatation appreciated.  No skin or nipple thickening or retraction
identified.  Normal appearing bilateral axillary lymph nodes
identified.  No bilateral axillary, supraclavicular or internal
mammary chain, mass or adenopathy.  Incidental finding noted of
gallstones.  Correlate clinically.  Right upper quadrant ultrasound
to be considered if deemed clinically necessary.
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i have the same itchy patch on my left breast.  i didnt think anything of it but it appeared about the same time as my lump so i researched it and came up with pagents disease of the nipple.  yours may not be that but its worth asking about since it is a cancer and needs treatment.  did you get a biopsy done because thats the only way to figure out for sure.  i am also requesting a biopsy to see what my lump is.  good luck.......
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The report is strange for sure. It doesn't mention anything about
concern about breast cancer, or even a possibility but that is not strange. What's strange is that there is absolutely no interpretation of what anything may mean that they do see. Like, it's not unusual to have stuff show up with or on the gallbladder, and that's the problem on the one hand with MRI's in that it shows up way too much, like stuff that is false positive, or of no consequence.

You do need to ask your breast doctor specifically about this report, as only he can explain this, or tell you what he thinks it means. MRI's are hard to understand.

On mine it said something really scary about my lungs that I thought was a horrible deal, and then when I asked my oncologist about it, he said it was nothing.

On the other hand, the report was wrong about my lymph node status. Said there was nothing which turned out to be false.

Good luck, Katrin
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