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Male Breast Cancer

So I am a 23 year old male. I noticed a lump behind my nipple about 3 weeks ago. It doesn't hurt at all. It is probably about 1.5 inches across. I went to the doctor today and he said I should get it checked out. I am getting a diagnostic mammogram and an ultrasound on Monday. (didn't even know guys could get mammograms) I have done a little research on male breast cancer. I am a bit worried because they say the lack of pain is one of the first symptoms. I know it highly highly unlikely, and yet I find myself pretty nervous. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with male breast cancer?
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Most breast lumps are not cancerous.

Symptoms of male breast cancer include lumps, changes to the nipple or breast skin - redness or scaling, skin dimpling or puckering, or  nipple discharge.

What you need to do is get a clinical breast examination done by a physician. If he notices something amiss he will suggest a mammogram and USG.

It would then be possible on the basis of these reports to decide whether a core needle biopsy or a surgical excision biopsy would be required in your case.

Let us know if you have any other doubts and post us on how you are doing.

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Guys can definitely have breast cancer. When I was 24 my right nipple became enlarged and if I pressed it between my fingers about 6 drops of clear fluid popped out of the little openings in the tip of my nipple. The doctor said I had a precancerous condition and urged me to have my right breast, nipple included, completely removed. I went ahead with the mastectomy, so now I have only one nipple, just the left one. The report from the surgery said I have a growth in my nipple that certainly would have become cancerous if I hadn't had the breast taken off. So now I have only one nipple, but that beats having cancer. I'm glad I had the operation. I check my remaining nipple about once a month, and so far it's okay.
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