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Male Breast Small Almost Unnoticeable Lump


Before I begin, I want to commend everyone here for fighting breast cancer. My sister had it over the past year. It was an awful experience to watch her go through it. But, she has come out on the other end post-chemo, post-radiation, post-surgery, and is now cancer-free. I admire her so much for fighting her cancer head on.

Normally, since my sister is a PA and has great medical knowledge, I'd ask her this question.... but, it's an odd one and it deals with something she's been dealing with for the past year... so I'd prefer to start here.

I am a male. I am 30 years old. In resonably good shape. Obviously, I have a genetic disposition to breast cancer, since my sister just had it and a number of my Aunt's have too.

My question is probably a silly one. I have a bit of a sore spot on my left pec (male breast). Recently, I have taken Saw Pallmeto, an herb for hairloss amongst other things. I used it for about a month, maybe two. So, I think the soreness may be due to that.

That said, I've noticed a bit of enlargement. It doesn't feel like a ball and is not located on or around the nipple or ariela. It's towards the bottom of the muscle towards armpit. Another potential source of this issue is a football related injury about 3 weeks ago, where I injured a breast bone (closer to center of chest). But, I don't know why that would be bothering me on the other side of my pec muscle now, especially since the soreness due to that is now gone.

Anyway, I am scared. I know I should go to the doctor. Most likely, I will. In the meantime, I'd like to know what everyone thinks. If this isn't the right spot for silly questions like this.... I'm very sorry.

P.S. I wish everyone here the best. Keep fighting the good fight.
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The only questions that are dumb or silly are the ones that AREN'T asked...

Unfortunately, it is difficult to to give any meaningful opinions or advice to you based just on the information you've provided, except to support your inclination to see a doctor. It may not be anything serious, but it's better to be safe than sorry. And if nothing comes of the visit than peace of mind, that's still a lot!

I'd also suggest that you reconsider your decision not to discuss your concerns with your sister. Even though she has been dealing with breast cancer  herself,  she is still the same person, she has a lot of medical knowlegde, I'm sure she problably still cares very much about what is going on with you, and having you consult her might even make her feel GOOD--to still be viewed and treated as the sister you normally would turn to, and as a medical professional, not just as a cancer patient/survivor.

Best wishes...
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