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Male breast cancer

In less than a week i have had a small lump form under my nipple.  It hurts whenever you touch it, and is no bigger than maybe a pea.  I'm nervous about the idea of breast cancer in men, i am 20 yrs old and no one EVER in my family has had breast cancer.  I believe the bump has gotten a little smaller since yesterday, no other signs, just the little lump....Just seeing what you all have to say.  I read that most men are not diagnosed till they're in their 60s, so thats why i find it hard to believe i could have breast cancer.
any insight is appreciated, THX.
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Is there some kind of discharge from the breast? Did you have this pain earlier ever?

It is correct to think that male breast cancer appears increasingly with age. The median age for breast cancer in men in 67. There is most probably no cause for worry in your case, since the small lump and pain that you have can be due to normal growth and development of your body at this age. As you would know there are changes taking place in your body at this time and some of the changes do happen in the breast tissue which is also present in a less developed form in males. But, if you are worried or the pain persists or increases or there is a change in the appearance, you may see a doctor just to make sure all is fine. Meanwhile, some warm compresses and/ painkillers are all that are warranted for your condition.

Please let us know what the doctor said about your condition and if you have any queries.

Good luck.
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I just want to say definitely get it checked out by your doctor ASAP.  My husband was diagnosed with breast cancer a month ago and he is 24 YEARS OLD.  Don't think that men can't get it at a young age even if the average is 67.
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