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Male in late teens with small pea sized lump lower right of the nipple, scared!

I woke up with an itchy nipple and while scratching it I noticed a tiny moveable lump, maybe just smaller then a pea slightly to the right of the nipple. I'm always finding lumps by accident and then getting scared, I don't really want to go to the doctors AGAIN!
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Just for additional information it does no hurt at all and is not visible to the eye.
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Malignancy in the male breast is relatively rare,but it could happen especially to much older men.
Several causes can produce a lump in males and investigations need to be done particularly if the lump is painless.
My guess is that this lump could be due to hormonal imbalance.
Also certain medications, steroid supplement and marijuana use, have been linked to Gynecomastia which can present with enlarged breasts or a lump under one or both areolas.
It's impossible to tell you over the internet what this lump could really be and I urge you to see your doctor who will examine you and let you know what's going on.Also if you are taking any medication,make sure you mention it to your doctor okay?.
Take care..
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The only issue is I've seen the doctor many times during the past several months for various different reasons and I feel a bit weird for constantly being there. I've also noticed a lump on the inside of my upper arm about half way. I realize this is not where lymph nodes are and was told it was most likely a vein or fat build up under the skin, not sure if that is related? Also I smoke MJ quite a lot, what is the link with that? Further details would be appreciated as I do not trust googling answers myself as sites claim all sorts of things that contradict other website.

Thanks in advance

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If you noticed in my first comment,I mentioned that Marijuana use, is linked to Gynecomastia which can present with enlarged breasts or a lump under one or both areolas.
If you stop using this drug,the lump/s might go away.
If you have seen your doctor many times in the past few months,it won't hurt to see him again for something that it's obviously worrying you.Also never take for granted that lumps on any part of your body are harmless unless proven otherwise by a medical professional.
I am sorry if I cannot give you any more details about your condition....You really need to see your doctor for a complete medical check up.
All the best.
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