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Mammogram back how concerned I should be?

2 groups of amorphous calcifications in the left upper outer quadrant posteriorly.

Assessment: Left breast: BI-RADS Category 4, suspicious abnormality.

What are the odds this is cancer?
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Thinking of you MsWags.  I hope you are doing alright after the surgery yesterday.
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Thanks so much for the thinking of me! I am doing great! First few weeks were a little rough..... but we got amazing news! Pathology showed clear margins and negative nodes! NO chemo or radiation!!!! I am truly blessed!!
OHHHH, wonderful!!  I'm just seeing this but I'm thrilled for you!  That is awesome news!!!  hugs!
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Bi-rads 4 means that there is a little bit chance of cancer, but it also means a 60% to 70% chance of not having breast cancer.
So be positive and stay calm, if you're worried that you may have breast cancer due to family history of cancer then get it checked on a regular basis.
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That's so true but unfortunately for this poster, her result came back cancer.  I hope she comes back and we can support her.  So hard!  I had a bi rad of 5 and it was not cancer.  
Oh, that's sad! It is really hard when you get to know that you're back with cancer and again you'll have to go through painful treatments but I think it is better to get treated then dying. I'm happy for you that you're all good now and will be in future. I wish you a happy and healthy life ahead and I wish that Mrswags08 can also get well soon.
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Groups of amorphous calcifications are technically 4B. With grouped calcifications, the primary diagnostic consideration is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which is noninvasive or preinvasive, the earliest form of breast cancer. So basically, in the worst case scenario, your scenario is not that bad. For more details, please refer to the following article:

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4A: Low suspicion for malignancy (more than 2% but no more than 10%)
4B: Moderate suspicion for malignancy (more than 10% but no more than 50%)
4C: High suspicion for malignancy (more than 50% but less than 95%)
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You are me!  I had this happen only was told that I had a BiRad of 5! I saw a breast surgeon who told me why and my calcifications were numerous, shaped in such a way and grouped in such a way that they were highly suspicious.  I scheduled a needle biopsy.  I will tell you, NO CANCER.  I did not have cancer.  It's been over 10 years and STILL do not have cancer with a mammogram just a couple of months ago.  I know it is scary and you are very worried, but this does not mean that you have cancer, just that they need to investigate further.  Are you getting a biopsy soon?  
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My biopsy is Wednesday... not soon enough! I am 49, My maternal grandmother passed away from metastatic bc and my mother passed away 6weeks after they found her metastatic brain tumor, never figured out the primary (her whole chest light up on her scan) and my paternal grandmother had ovarian cancer. So feels a little daunting to say the least. I appreciate the positive thoughts
Oh, this is particularly scary based on your family history.  I am so sorry about your mom and grandmother's by the way.  Especially your mom. Was that recent?  I lost mine about 25 years ago and it still hurts. Please know that I was scared to death.  My doctor said there were several things going on with my calcifications that it looked like cancer.  And it wasn't!!!!  And this happens to many women.  So, try not to worry until you have to.  What kind of biopsy are you having? Surgical or needle?  I had needle.  The waiting after is the hardest time in my opinion.  STAY BUSY!!  Give yourself TLC. I'm here to talk!
Just got home from the biopsies....with ice cream LOL  I have worked in surgery for over 25 years but I have to say that our new Breast Center at our hospital is absolutely AMAZING!
They were so wonderful for the whole thing, it was a little more emotional for me than I was expecting but all things considered was still a positive experience if there is such a thing!!
Now just the waiting game...
Glad that is over!  Glad you got ice cream! *lol  and sorry that you have to wait.  I know I had a hard time waiting.  That was the worst time for me.  I read People magazine, got a massage and tried to pamper myself.  

I'm glad the breast center you went to was awesome!  That can make a huge difference as to the experience.  Let me know the outcome. hugs
Well, the doctor called today..... it is cancer! I’m exhausted already!
She says She thinks  we caught it early, I meet with the surgeon next week, will get my game plan and my check list !  I’ve always been the caregiver to people with cancer not being the one with it and needing help myself!! That will be my challenge!
Telling my children was worse than hearing the words myself! Have my first grand baby on the way and another leaving for college this summer, and my youngest is going to be a senior! Going to Be a busy few months but hopefully all the happy things will offset the crappy days! Thanks for listening and chatting
OMG.  OMG.  I am so very very sorry.  Argh.  I was so hopeful it wasn't cancer.  When do you meet with the doctor.  I will tell you that two of my sister in laws were diagnosed at the exact same time.  Both were caught early and from routine mammograms. (ladies, get your mammos!) . ..   and both are in full remission and it has been over 7 years for both.  They followed different paths. Both had this or that, a couple of set backs, etc. and both had treatment and everything that is entailed with going into remission for about a year and a half.  Then life has been normal since then for them.  Breast cancer is one of the most highly studied cancers and they have so many treatment options.  

Telling the kids.  I can't imagine.  And they are of an age to fully understand.  So hard.  but you are going to be fine!!  

Let me know when you go to the doctor and what happens, okay?!  Big hugs, my dear.  
Met with the general surgeon, have my consultation with the plastic surgeon in a week and scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy the second week in April!!!
I feel this is the best decision for me,  the odds for recurrence after lumpectomy and radiation are more than I want to risk! I think my anxiety would get the better of me, I just lost an old high school friend to BC Friday ..... jets came back numerous times and more aggressive each time!
My mastectomy is Wednesday! Hoping to get in and out of the hospital before our city and hospitals are hit hard with caronavirus patients!
Oh y gosh, my friend. That's a lot.  So, tomorrow!!!  I'm going to say a prayer for you.  This is such horrible timing but it will be okay. You will be okay.  This is so much to deal with.  How are you holding up?  
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