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Mammography Report

Hi !

Got done an Mammography (left breast). Attached below is the report.

Age : 39 Years

Want to have the expert review on the report.

------------ Mammaography Report (Left Breast) ----------------

                             MLO And CC Views

- Fibro glandular tissue is seen.

- No mass lesion is seen. A small opacity seen appears to be lymphnode.

- No spiculations and micro calcification or retraction of tissue seen.

- Nipples, Skin and subcutaneous tissues are normal.

Impressions : Normal Study

To Correlate Clinically & With Previous Reports.

Information regarding mammography
1. 10%  of malignant lesions may be missed on mammography.
2. In dense breasts, an underlying mass lesion may be obscured.
3. Mammography report that is negative for malignant should not delay biopsy if there is a dominant or clinically      suspicious mass.
4. False positive diagnosis of cancer may occur in a small percentage of case.

---- End of Report ---

Thanks & Regards

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In this Community Forum there are not experts,but only members who try to help to the best of their knowledge.If you like an expert opinion,please post in the 'Expert Forum"by clicking on the link below.

The findings on your mammogram report do not suggest breast cancer.
Fibroglandular is what breast tissue is.A combination of glands and fibrous tissues and this is  "normal"It simply describes the tissue as lumpy,or dense.
Because you have dense breasts,which makes mammogram readings more difficult,your Doctor/Radiologist might recommend an Ultrasound if more information is mentioned on your report.If nothing suspicious is detected,your doctor will let you know when a follow-up is needed to make sure that no changes have occurred.
It's a good practice to regularly do your SBE (self breast exam) every month, one week after the start of your menstrual cycle and if you detect anything unusual,you should contact your Doctor .
From what you stated in your post,nothing looks suspicious and all is normal...
Best wishes...
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Thanks for a quick reply.

I am sorry, I forget to mention the case history. Right breast was removed in 2005 alongwith lymphs from underarm.

Now I have a regular swelling in my right arm and have gained weight too.

Recently visited my doctor where he checked and found everything to be normal but advised routine Chest-X Ray, Mammography and Ultrasound (Obd  or Abd, am not able to read it clearly). X-Ray and Mammography done (Mammography report is as above and X-Ray report is Normal). Got appointment for the Ultrasound for tomorrow morning.

Do anything in this have any connection with the previous 2005 surgery?

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Addition to above post in case history :

Have undergone Chemotherapy and then Radiotherapy after surgery in 2005.

After chemotherapy I am having irregular periods which my doctors says, it is due to chemotherapy
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Surgery to the breast and axilla (underarm) is a risk factor for lymphedema.
This could account for the swelling in your arm.

It can be treated by physical therapists or massage therapists who have special training in management of lymphedema, along with the use of compression wraps and sleeves which help control the swelling.

Here is a link to a detailed discussion regarding prevention and treatment of lymphedema:


If you do an Internet search, you will find some Web sites devoted to lymphedema as well.

I am happy to see that your mammogram produced normal results, and hope the same will be true of the other tests you are undergoing.

Best wishes,

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Hi again,
Since you have a history of breast cancer,it's very important that you have regular check ups as the doctor recommends.So far, all your tests look normal.
Many premenopausal women will have disruption of their menstrual periods because of chemotherapy for breast cancer.That can be a permanent or a temporary thing, and so sometimes the menstrual periods will come back normal and sometimes they won't.
The swelling in your arm could be lymphedema,which could develop due to lymph nodes removal.You should see a certified lymphedema therapist for treatment and advice as soon as possible..
Hoping that all goes well for you also with the Ultrasound test.
Take care..
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