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Man with painful lump on right breast

First I am a male 29 6'1 and 170lbs. About a year ago I had small amount of pain on my lefty breast and found a lump in was removed and found to be not cancer. Now I have pain on the other breast and a large mass (feels like a ball under the nipple area). My doctor stated I have increased breast tissue on that breast. The breast is no painful to touch even mildly one breast looks like a a cup and the one with a lump a C

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Hi there.

These are really uncommon occurences in a male breast.  These are most commonly benign changes but it is important to rule out other conditions that seems to be causing this breast tissue enlargement in a male.  One of these causes are liver problems which can increase your endogenous levels of estrogen, and therefore stimulate breast tissues.

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thats for the help the tests that were done showed my liver is working fine. If it was the liver won't both breasts have increased tissue. My doctor stated usually this happens during puberty which I'm to old for and with some medicine. My concern is the pain aspect as the one is very painful even to the smallest touch and seems to be growing towards my underarm.
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