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Many People Claiming Markers Cause Breast Pain
I was on one forum not long ago where many many women wrote in claiming that markers cause pain.  The people who  tell you they don't are mainly males who haven't had them implanted themselves.    Medical people often tell you what they have been told by drug companies, not what they have experienced.  
One example of this is that I have been told dozens of times that getting a needle in the same vein all the time won't make that vein bigger.  Only a person who has had many blood tests can tell these medical people that it will indeed do so.  
They will then say, "well it only got bigger because you got older."  
I will then say, no, that' not true because only one got bigger and bigger as I got more shots.  
They will then say, "well that's just the way the arm vein grew."
I will then say, "well, when I finally convinced them to start taking it from the nearly invisible vein in the other arm, which they always refused to take blood from because they could hardly see it, it too finally started to grow."
They will then respond with their knowledge from "books" again, and from teachers who didn't know what they were teaching and say, "sorry, but many needles in one vein will not make the vein grow bigger."

Over the years I have learned that many medical people are so extremely misinformed about so many things that if patients realized it they would be fearful of going to doctors.   So many students believe that if their teachers have told them something or if it's in books, that means it's the word  of God because those sources can never ever be wrong.   The one thing they have never been taught is that those sources err so often in fact very wrong -- so wrong in fact that every year they discontinue thing they believed were safe and were found to be killing  people..

Even in the days of old, when doctors drilled holes into people's heads to lower blood pressure, you can bet they were taught that this was the only way to lower blood pressure, and that it wasn't as painful as people sometimes expressed.   One interesting article I read not long ago asked both doctors and patients to rate the pain of many patients, and doctors always rated the pain as being lower than the patient himself did.

When many women complain that markers cause pain, medical people will deny it. Medical companies also deny that anything they put on the market is nearly harmless until finally they are exposed and/or sued through many complaints, which has happened not just a few times over the years, but "thousands' of times.

That doesn't mean that "all women" will experience the pain of course, anymore  than all women would have reactions to peanuts, but there seems to be quite a strong feeling there overall from high numbers of women that not only do these markers cause pain for quite some time, but they were also very angry that they weren't told about them and felt pushed into them against their wills.  If everything is so "honest and above board', why do they not tell women about these markers until the last minute and then pressure them so heavily?   Women have a right to know, well in advance and not be pressured.   They also have a right to refuse any gadgets that are put into their bodies. So do men who get prostate biopsies and people who get brain cancers.  All of these people have the right to know whether or not chips will be, or are implanted in them.

The fact that they have even implanted many of these chips by refusing to discuss the matter at all with the patients, and never ever advising them until afterward, speaks leagues about the dishonesty and sneakiness regarding these things.

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Usually I'd ignore a post that isn't a question but yours really was way out there so I had to offer another point of view along with some factual testimony from a survivor that has titanium markers.

Drug companies have nothing to do with titanium markers.

Titanium markers are not hurting me and I am not a male.

I have multitudes of them in fact so if they were going to hurt, I'm sure they would have already.

Some folks claim they hurt, most claim they don't. The majority of posts about them are from frightened women who are in a frightening situation. To THEM I'd suggest they research it and make an informed decision prior to any testing or implantation of a marker.

Seldom do you see a post from someone who claims it's hurting them though if they say it does then I would believe them. After all, most people don't take the time to create a username to post a lie. Most people post because they want a) help, b) answers, c) someone to listen to them.

You've got 13 posts dedicated to this subject. Do you have any titanium markers in you? And if so, do they hurt? Have they shifted and if so, how did you prove it? And what steps did you take to have them removed if any? Are they still bothering you? When did you get your first marker? Did you have a biopsy? Was it cancer? If not, what diagnosis did you get? :)

Best wishes.
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