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Mass after mastectomy

Hi..I'm a 40 yrs. old, at age 39 (Oct. 2011) I had a nipple sparring bilateral mastectomy. I then caught MRSA and began treatments for that, on a picc line for 4 weeks. In Jaunary 2012, I had some reconstruction and caught MRSA again..I am back on a PICC line with IV treatments every 12 hours. Last week they found a 3 cm mass in my left breast, i can feel it, it's hard, doesn't move, no pain. I had an u/s and it showed suspicion for malignancy, and birads 4c. I went to have a biopsy yesterday, and because I have to take heparin daily for the picc line, they couldn't do it. So now I wait. And pray. and hope. Has anyone on here had something similar? It's only been 6 months since my mastectomy!
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So sorry to hear about all your health problems!.The fear of cancer recurrence is often present in our mind when we had cancer in the past.
It is very common for radiologist to describe findings,(post lumpectomy or mastectomy) that could be consistent with scar tissue or recurrent breast cancer.So soon after your mastectomy and certainly followed by recommended treatments,this finding in your breast is more likely to be scar tissue or fat necrosis which can happen when surgery or injury to the breast heals and leaves scar tissue that looks suspicious on mammograms or ultrasound.
Of course I can't give assurance about what this mass represents,but it's common for patient who have had a history of breast cancer to have any new lump investigated to make sure that a recurrence has not occurred.
Hopefully the biopsy turns out to be scar tissue or other benign pathology.
Wishing you all the best...
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I just wanted to add my best wishes for benign findings, too. You've been through so much already and you sound like a very strong woman. I know it's easier said than done, but please try to stay positive. From what I understand cancer following mastectomy is very rare, so I hope you're in the majority. Hopefully, you can get your biopsy relatively soon and end the stress you're going through now. I'm sure you'll be able to deal with whatever "is" instead of worrying about the "what ifs". I truly hope things go better for you and your biopsy is benign.
Sending you a big hug from Michigan (       ),
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