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Mass in breast.

Last year I had a Mammogram and they found two masses in my left breast. After looking at them closer they said for now they both have smooth edges when they get rough edges that means cancer. They said they would just keep an eye on them for changes in structure and size with further mammograms. I am 32 years old and because of this I now have to have a mammogram yearly because I also have a history in the family of 2 of my mothers sisters having had breast cancer and on of my fathers sisters as well.

I also have been diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa. I have had 1 in patient surgery and 8 other in office surgeries to remove the lumps from my breasts and armpit,it is quite a painful thing, both the lumps and the swelling and the surgery but at least after the surgery it doesnt reoccur in that small area. I have had about half of my left armpit area removed because of reoccuring lumps from this. As a matter of fact I am having surgery tomorrow afternoon. I am fearful each time they remove one of these lumps and send it in to be tested.

I was wondering if there is any way this could be in relation to breast cancer. With this and the 2 masses in my left breast it is something I worry about. I was also wondering if there is any way that a breast reduction might help as I am quite large up top. I have been treated many many many times with antibiotics and none help. I am always on edge when one of these appears because I know the routine so well and it is not a great experience. The only thing that is a relief is that I know after I have the lump removed that it will quit hurting in that spot in a couple of weeks. But there is allways somewhere else that has one or more. I hurt all the time. I have been goig thru this for about four years now. It is no fun and they say there is no cure there has to be something doctors can do to cure the problem not just the symptoms. I have also in the last year stared getting them in my groin area. If you have any advice for me at all please let me know. Thank you.
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Dear Babygtwin,  Most research shows no relation between cysts and increased breast cancer risk.  Neither are large breasts associated with an increased breast cancer risk.  However both of these factors do make detecting breast cancer more difficult which is why the annual mammograms and physical exams are important in your case.

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