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May I have some feed back pls

Hi . Recently I noticed a tiny red dot on my left breast nipple ... As in the center of the nipple itself . I am 35 and is currently breast feeding my 5th baby . The red dot has changed colour.. It's now  black in colour and is slightly protruding. I'm beginning to  get worried about it now.
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Hi there, Have you consulted with the doctor regarding this? Till when you're seeing that dot, is there any inflammation that you're feeling over that area. If it is there for a long time then it is advised to visit doctor asap.
I hope it is not that serious but still it is better to take the precautions before it becomes worse.
Best of luck!
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So, having had kids myself and nursing them, I know that lots of things happen to our breasts.  Breast cancer is very and I repeat, VERY unlikely.  Do not panic, do not rush to the doctor.  You can give them a call and see but likely waiting until the threat of contracting the covid-19 virus is real.  Maybe they will have you snap a picture of it to show them or send them.  Telemedicine is the way to go right now.

Now, I know that things happen to the breast and particularly during breast feeding.  I had a mole grow and skin tags appear.  Lovely, right?  And with a baby nursing, things can receive some friction that would be more than normal causing skin changes on the nipples.  So, keep that in mind.  I take it you put lanolin on it?  That always helped me.  

I would give your doctor a call.  MOST of the time, this is going to be something completely harmless but on rare occasions, red spots on the breasts can be visual cues to early breast cancer.  Again, this is really rare and I would not be overly concerned but you need to know that.  That often leads to other symptoms, orange peel skin on the breast, heaviness to them, swelling, pain and itchiness.  Anything like that going on?   https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322916#are-red-spots-a-sign-of-breast-cancer  And an even rarer occurrence pagets disease.  That is where changes in color come more into play. But again, that is extremely low odds.  

Is this any chance this could be a blood blister?  

Give your ob/gyn a call and ask.  Let us know what they say!
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