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Microcalcification biopsy

Hi! I am new to this site, I have been having diagnostic mammograms for microcalcifcations for 2 years now. Yesterday was supposed to be the last one but the radiologist said he found new calcifications that were not there 6 months ago and because of that he would like to have them biopsied. I think he mentioned that they were not clustered but I have read earlier reports and one mentioned scattered calcifications and another said grouped. I am really confused! The nurse at my gyno said my doctor did not seem concerned because they did not grow in size just in number... I just don't know what to think...any input is greatly appreciated. I am 43, non-smoker, no history of breast cancer in the family, had my first child at 24, then one at 33 and the last at 36. Breastfed all of them. Had breast augmentation in 2003.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my worries. I  am scheduled to see the breast specialist next Wednesday to figure out what the next step is. I just want to get this over with...and only a biopsy will tell if this is nothing or something that needs immediate attention...again thank you!!!
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If I were you,I would not hesitate to follow the Radiologist’s advice.I don’t think he/she would have recommended a biopsy if the calcification appeared to be completely harmless.
Breast calcification are not cancer themselves,but depending on their form and pattern they could  indicate problematic cells in the surrounding tissue.The appearance of new calcification on x-ray, gives clues to the radiologist,but not definite answers,so it is standard procedure in most cases to biopsy the area because it's the only way to rule out cancer.
Keep in mind that the majority of calcification are benign, only a few of them actually turn out to be malignant but if they do,this very early breast cancer is almost 100% curable.
So try not to worry too much,since your breast calcification are being investigated just to make sure. I hope that your upcoming biopsy will result in benign findings like it happens in the majority of cases .
Best wishes…
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