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Microcalcifications and breast mass

I am 35 and just had a mammogram on both breasts that showed a lump on the right side and a mass and micro calcifications on the left side. The radiologist said she was concerned and it was probably cancer on the left, we just need to confirm it. I am scheduled  for 3 biopsies for next wednesday, one stereotactic and 2 needle biopsies. I have had fibroadenomas in the past and already removed a benign one on the right side in april 2012. If it is cancer, which it seems it is, I am wondering what stage it is and how aggressive it is.They said it hadn't invaded the lymph nodes.I am scared beyond words and cannot sleep, cannot eat. Did anybody ever had a mass plus calcifications ? Does it mean it is in an advanced stage or an aggressive cancer?

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Thank you Bluebutterfly for you reply. I am supposed to get the biopsies done wednesday the 14, I pray that everything goes well. I will definitely write back with the results. Thank you so much for your wishes.
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Microcalcifications are commonly found in the breast, but suspicious shapes and patterns of them require a biopsy to see what might be going on in the area.  They do NOT indicate, as you seem to fear, if cancer is found, how advanced or aggressive that finding might be.

Although your doctor strongly suspects cancer, only a pathology report from a biopsy or excision of a mass can show with 100% certainty that it is a malignancy, and provide informantion about the type of cancer found, including a rating of the aggressiveness of the cancer cells. The stage is usually determined after additional evaluation.

We will be thinking of you and will be hoping that if your doctor's suspicion is verified by the pathology report, your cancer will have been detected at an early highly treatable stage.

Please come back to let us know your results, or anytime you need information or support.

Best wishes,

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