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Microcalcifications in right breast

Hi all,
I've presented with calcifications of the right breast for at least eight years. Each time I have a mammogram, I'm sent back for a sonogram. This time I'm being sent back for another series of more exact mammograms, and I'm scared at this change of protocol. What's up?

Also, when do doctors reach a final conclusion that a certain set of calcifications are benign, or do they want reassurance each time they show up on a mammo?

Finally, how worried should I be? I'm nearly in a panic since I've had so much lousy news lately (my husband just underwent surgery this morning, and I'm also exhausted).

Thanks for any help/advice/experience you can share or give.
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Hi LitDoc, I too have gone through the microcalicifcations - still ongoing. In my case they were discovered, I was given the option to "wait and see" or do a stereotactic biopsy - with marking mammogram. I am not a "wait and see" kinda gal since my mother died of this disease at age 57 so I went for the tests. I was diagnosed with ADH and ALH so I then had an excisional biopsy so they could remove all the suspicious areas and leave clear margins. (i am 52)

It sounds like your microcalcifications may have increased or changed their cluster pattern or something has gone on that they want a closer look. I would encourage you to do it..ADH and ALH can put you/me at higher risk. I am followed by an oncologist every 6 months just to keep an eye on any changes with the remaining benign appearing microcalcifications. (johns hopkins breast center website is excellent and if you have your actual report you can go to the 'ask an expert' area and they will help you translate into laymen's terms. .. I hope you get to the bottom of it and if it's suspicious get rid of it! best wishes.
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PS..I hope your husband is doing well tonight. Also, if/when  you can get a good night's sleep you will feel calmer, try not to worry. I personally feel more secure if my doc wants to double and triple check everything. I hope all the testing/change in protocol ends up with good results for you.
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