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Back in 1998 I had a benign tumor removed from my right breast. I had yearly mammograms up until 2004. Finally this year, I got insurance and had my mammo done. I have been having pain around the area where the tumor was. The mammo came back and a sonogram had to be done. It showed microcalcification clusters, 2 clusters,. My doctor recommended I see the same surgeon that did the initial lumpectomy for follow-up with a FN biopsy. I don't see the need if it's only calcium deposits. I'm due for my yearly mammo in February. Should I continue not being concerned about the calcifications or is it something that REALLY needs to be followed up on?
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Calcification often occur within the breast tissue and when they are scattered they are of little concern.However,it is definitely worrisome when they are seen in clusters,(such as in your case) because there may be an indication of an underlying problem and a biopsy is recommended to rule out malignancy.
Please listen to your doctor's advice and have the biopsy done.Often times biopsies on clustered calcifications return a benign finding,but not always..If I were you I wouldn't take any chances.
Hoping that things will turn up just fine for you and wishing you good luck!.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. You were very informative and I will take your advice to heart.
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