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Migrating Breast Tissue

I have Always had suspicious or at least hard to read mammograms. Usually they end up doing an ultrasound, and once I found a Lump and they removed it, Benign, Thank God.... I have Dense, Ropy, very hard to self-exam Breasts, but have Diligently had Mammograms thru the years. The last one showed dark spots of Density, as well as, when I asked Why I have such excess tissue Under my Arm Pit, I was told that it was "Migrating Breast Tissue". Well, I have gained quite a lot of weight
in the past year or so, and Now, Under My Arms is very Large, Elongated, Painful, and even goes around into my back and I am having Shoulder pain....My Breast have almost doubled in size, and they were Always large, I was wearing a 36 C at 14, and the Smallest I have ever been was a 34 B, but Now, Thanks to My Obesity, (Which I seem to be unable to Control), I am a 44 DD and falling Out of that!  Any ideas, Should I be really worried? I am past due for My Mammogram, and Now I am Uninsured and in California with No Dr., I don't know What to do??
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Dense breasts are hard to read on a mammogram. Thats why  a USG or MRI is the more preferred option. But what is important here is you need to find a physician in the neighbourhood that you have moved to. You also need to scedule an appointment for a clinical evaluation at the earliest. Obesity is one of the risk factors for cancer, and also causes several other medical problems. Get an insurance done and then see a physician, start regular exercises, walks and gym training. Plan a diet chart for yourself or consult a nutritionist/ dietician. Aim to lose the excess weight and bring down your weight to the normal range. Get a lipid profile done to rule out dyslipidemia. Your thyroid function tests are normal? The obesity is the cause of the extra fat or adipose tissue in the breast region. Regular exercises, controlled and planned diet schedule and plenty of fluids , fruits and vegetables should help you achieve the goal of gradually decreasing your weight to normal. Goodluck.
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