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Milk Blister or Bleb - not breast feeding

I have a small white blister on my right nipple.  It seems to match the description of a bleb or milk blister, but its been 6 months since I stopped breastfeeding.  (I do seem to have some discharge from both breasts... so I'm not sure if I'm still making a little milk...) I have noticed some peeling, but its localized to the blister.  Nevertheless, I've panicked myself into thinking it could be Paget's Disease of the breast.

I have an appt. next week, but can't seem to get this off of my mind and was hoping someone could help tell me what this might be, or if Paget's can ever be mistaken for milk blisters... or if its even possible to get a milk blister when you are no longer breast feeding!

I am 33 and have 2 boys, both of whom I breast fed.  The youngest weaned very slowly, and we stopped the last of the feedings about 6mos ago.

Thank you!
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Paget's can be confused with a skin irritation, especially at first but there are more symptoms than you describe. The discharge would be only from the affected nipple and might be bloody in appearance. There would usually be some burning and itching and possibly even some inversion of the nipple as well as redness of the area. You are wise to have this ck.d out but I would question Paget's from what you describe; it's impossible though to even venture a guess over the internet without benefit of examination.  Regards ....
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Thank you for commenting.  I'm sure I'm over reacting to this, There's been one of those horrible, fake, heartwrenching emails circulating about Paget's which I happened to get the week I found this "blister."  So, the timing was bad.  I was hoping it would just go away on its own, but its been about a month, which is why I'm having it checked.  I just think I always get even more nervous once I make the appt. and have to wait.
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Wanted to post that it turned out to be a "subaceous (sp?) cyst" in case anyone ever searches for something similar and lands on this page.  Dr. doesn't think its anything to worry about.  I'm just keeping an eye on it.

Thanks again japdip!
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