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I am 35 weeks pregnant and keep developing moles on the dark skin around my nipples. One very small one has fallen off. I have a larger one which has nearly all come off - it's now attached very slightly but can bleed when knocked. I can't feel any lumps. I am worried about this and also intend to breastfeed. I'm apprehensive about seeing a doctor as I am living in Spain with limited language.
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Certain breast skin lesions are common in pregnancy. These are usually benign and are related to hormonal and other changes in pregnancy. But what you describe is a little unclear. Are these pre-existing moles? Or new skin lesions developing as the old ones heal? Well, you definitely should be able to find a doctor who understands your language. You need to get a clinical evaluation done because bleeding from the skin lesions cannot be neglected. Only a clinical evaluation will help with the diagnosis and further management. Goodluck.
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