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Multifocal - Radiation or Mastectomy

Thank you for this site it has been a valuable source of information.

I have had a segmental and a resection in May outside quadrant 3 o'clock position. Saw Oncologist in week 10 final Path on surgery tissue proved to be multifocal DCIS.  1.3 cm and .5 cm, nuclear grade 1 & 3, cribriform. Found after surgery a cyst in inside quadrant 9 o'clock deep behind nipple.  Aspirated cyst did not collapse.  FNA path came back as insuffient tissue.    
I want to make a decision that is going to serve me best long term.  I am 12 weeks past surgery and my surgeon wanted to speak to me about the oncologist report and final pathology before we proceeded with the other area in my breast.  He is away until Sept and I have an appt on the 11th.  Oncologist wanted a decision last week. I need to decide radiation or mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.  I am concerned about re-occurrence and this other area in my breast.  I had a hysterectomy at 26 I am now 48 and postmenopausal.

Thank you.
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Dear Lilli:  In cases of DCIS, either mastectomy or lumpectomy + radiation therapy are appropriate, as long as the margins are clear.  The question, in your situation, is what this other "lump" is.  I would recommend a frank discussion with either your surgeon or oncologist to help in determining the right course of action.
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