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Multiple lumps bilateral

I'm 26 years old with a past history of thyroid cancer.

3 months ago I found a lump in my right breast and ended up having an ultrasound to check.  They found 2 solid hypoechoic lesions that were probably fibroadenomas but couldn't confirm, they recommended repeat ultrasound in 3 months time.
I had that ultrasound done last week, but this time both breasts were checked,  I just got my report, and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on what they are saying.


There are two solid lesions present in the right breast.  In the 9 o'clock position, 2cm from the nipple, there is a 16 x 15 x 5mm diameter oval solid lesion with well defined margins.  In the 11 o'clock position there is a 7 x 6 x 5mm diameter rounded lesion with diffuse internal echoes.  The appearance of the larger lesion is consistent with a fibroadenoma.  The appearance of the smaller lesion is less typical of a fibroadenoma, it's exact nature is difficult to state with certainty.  There is no evidence of a solid or cystic lesion elsewhere in the right breast.

In the left breast there are two adjacent oval solid lesions measuring 5 and 6.5mm in diameter present in the 2 o'clock position.  In the 7 o'clock position there is a larger oval lesion measuring 10 x 5mm.  The appearance of each of the three lesions within the left breast is consistent, but not diagnostic of fibroadenoma.  There is no evidence of a sonographically suspicious lesion elsewhere in the left breast.

Conclusion:  There are three solid lesions present in the left breast and two solid lesions present in the right breast.  Most of these have an appearance consistent with a fibroadenoma.  The lesion in the 11 o'clock position of the right breast is not typical of a fibroadenoma, its exact nature is uncertain.  Ultrasound guided biopsy is recommended for confirmation.

Obviously I am quite concerned about this small solid lesion at 11 o'clock.   If it's solid, does that mean it can't be a cyst?  And if it's not a fibroadenoma, can it only be cancer?  Also can anyone tell me what "diffuse internal echoes" means?

Thankyou, my appointment with a surgeon isn't till October and I'm nervously waiting to understand what I should be thinking.
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Sorry, I should also mention the lesion they are concerned about had "heterogeneous echogenicity" on the first ultrasound report.
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The small lesion in the 11 o'clock position has heterogenous components, which means that parts seen in the lump are mixed or not similar to each other.
Diffuse internal echoes means that sound waves bounce or reflect off the lump, which could indicate a complex cyst that contains debris.There is also a variety of other benign growths that could present this way.However the radiologist is not certain about the nature of this lump and the best solution in this case, is to see a Surgeon who will perform a biopsy to rule out cancer.
Don't worry, a biopsy is done only to make sure about something suspicious .Most of these procedures result in benign findings and hopefully it will be the same for you too.
Best wishes and good luck!
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