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Muscle and joint pain

I had 4 doses of my chemo and Neulasta injections. And Neulasta is a horrible creature. I always had very bad bone pain. And would always be worse and last longer each time. But no muscle pain/soreness. I had my last treatment on 12/30/2014 chemo and 12/31/2014 Neulasta. My joint pain has eased up quite a bit, to where it's tolerable. But a couple weeks ago I started having very bad muscle pain/soreness. It feels like I've had an incredible workout yesterday. And sore the day after except I never worked out. I'm pretty active, I take care of 2 one year olds and a 3 year old during the day. And I'm also a LPN on night shift. But when I sit for even a few minutes it feels like my joints have concrete in them. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before. I'm just hoping this is not going to last.
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I have no idea if Neulasta is causing your muscle pain after completing your treatments 6 weeks ago..
I am wondering if you are taking any anti estrogen medication ,such as Tamoxifen or other similar drugs? I know for a fact that they could cause muscle and joint pain..Please consult your Doctor and see what he/she advises.
Hoping that you'll feel better soon !
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