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My Breast has a burning sensation

I just had a mammogram a few months ago and there was nothing noted.  However, I have begun to have a burning sensation in my left breast which is more prominent at night when I do not have a bra on.  It begins on the outer most side of my breast until the whole breast is filled with the burning sensation. Anyone that can explain this would be much appreciated.  Thank You

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Sorry but I am not a doctor but I know how what I have read in the enclosed link.
While you wait for a doctor's answer you could read the enclosed link with information from the Mayo Clinic.


Now don't freak out, read it patiently and wait for the online doctor or someone who knows about these issues.

Take care.
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I have had a burning sensation under my left arm and down through my nipple for nearly 2 1/2 years. This happens about twice a year and lasts for 1 to 3 months each episode. I have seen my doctor and OB/GYN. I have had mammograms, ultra sounds, CT Scan, xrays and they cannot find the cause.  I have also had a fitting for support bras. Since they can find no cause, they relate it to stress.  I don't really believe this as the episodes do not correlate to any particular stressful periods in my life. If anyone has an answer , I would like to hear it. Thanks.
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Just a suggestion: You are more likely to get answers if you start a new thread of your own with your question. People often  overlook  a question tacked on to the end  of old thread, because they tend to assume it is just an additional reply to the original poster.
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