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My right breast hurts. It feels like bruise.

I am 17. My right breast hurts when I press it. I've noticed it today. I often prone on the bed especially when I use my laptop. It feels like bruise but there's no bruise. It's located at the left side of my nipple. My period is about to stop ( I think it already stopped) It worries me that it might be a problem.
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Breast pain is not at all uncommon in young women and it is rarely associated with anything terribly serious. Hormonal changes can cause breast discomfort sometimes related to your period and sometimes not. You could also have bruised tissue and not see a bruise on the skin. Even certain types of bras can also be a cause. If you are terribly worried about your discomfort you might ask your Dr. about it and I would also suggest that you STOP pressing on the area. If the tissue is bruised you are only making it worse by the constant irritation.   Regards .....
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At your age, breast pain is not uncommon and almost never indicates breast cancer.
It could be caused by lying on your chest while using your laptop or it could be hormonal or part of growing up. If it continues or doesn't let up, it can't hurt to mention it to your doctor especially if you notice a lump or nipple discharge or any other breast changes Take care..
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I appreciate your answer! Thank you very much. :)
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Thank you for the answer. I almost thought that I might have a breast cancer.
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