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Nerve Damage

I had a lumpectomy in 2012.  Dr. Robert Williams (Bob), Lewis Gale, Salem Va made a cut all the way around my areola.  My cancer was not there or anywhere close, so this cut was totally unneeded.  He claimed he wanted to do a breast lift.  I didn't need that. He is very unprofessional also.  Well it has been 3 years later and I am in daily pain and the area is very puffy.  Does anyone know anything that can be done about the pain and discomfort?  I wish I never went to him.
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I am sorry you are still having pain 3 years post lumpectomy.This is a common complaint that is often attributed to nerves regenerating over time. Unfortunately, due to invasive surgery, tissue and nerve damage and especially if you had radiation therapy the discomfort could last for a long period of time. If your pain is constant I think you should be seen in a Pain Center, because there are definitely treatments for it. In particular, one that is sometimes helpful would be the Stellate Ganglion Block, which would be done by an anesthesiologist trained in pain medicine. Your breast problem can be successfully treated if a nerve called the” Intercostobrachial” was injured during surgery.
I had a lumpectomy 7 years ago and my Surgeon did the incision also around the areola .The little lump I had was almost 4 inches away. She did an excellent job and my breast has no visible scar at all except for a little indentation where the lump was located.
As for your areola puffiness ,I have no idea what could be the cause. If you haven’t seen your Doctor yet, I think you should have your breast examined. He/she might have an idea why this is happening.
Take care and I hope you will find a solution soon to alleviate the pain.
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Thanks for your reply.  My "point 8 mm" stage 1 cyst was to the right side of my breast.  Williams had no reason to cut around my areola.  My cancer was no where close to there.  You said your tumor was 4 inches away?  Mine was similar distance.  He cut all the way around my nipple area.  That is the only place that hurts and the scar is very noticeable and  that whole area is damaged.  I also took 33 hits of radiation.  I will not go back to that doctor.  He was very unprofessional also and I am mad at him.  I do think I need to talk to the Pain Center, but I have no money coming in now to support the bills.  Thanks for your help.
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You are welcome!
When I asked my Surgeon why the incision was made around the areola and so far away from the lump, she told me that she, as well as many Breast Surgeons, choose this technique simply for cosmetic reasons. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with your Doctor and that your operation was not cosmetically successful… but what is most important is that we are now cancer free and hopefully for a long time to come!
P.S Thanks for the “friendship” invitation. :)
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