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Nerve damage after Stereotactic biopsy

I am having a hard time getting my doctor (especially the Radiology Department) to believe the pain I continue to have three months after a biopsy (results benign).  Is there anywhere I can search for something to print out and give to my doctor so he can get answers for me?  He talks about cancer surgery patients who have had after affects regarding nerves, but has never addressed the fact that I have the same thing resulting from a biopsy.  If anyone has a place for me to look, please let me know.
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Dear birdd:  Stereotactic biopsy is usually fairly well tolerated, though any invasive procedure could potentially result in pain.  If you are not getting satisfactory answers from the doctor who did the procedure, you may ask to be referred to a breast specialist or pain management specialist to do a work up and try to sort out the cause of the pain and make appropriate treatment recommendations.

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Wow, i haven't heard of anyone else having a problem with a biopsy.  I had an awful experience in April from a stereotactic biopsy.  I have a huge hematoma, bled out, and have been in pain ever since.  They told me it happens, it will just take 3-4 months of no lifting.  WHAT????   Just had another ultra sound this week, and they said it was disappearing.  I feel lumps I never felt before, and it is still very uncomfortable.  I was just told we're sorry, your are a 1% statistic. Could not put the clamp in nor could they do the mammo afterwards  because they had put so much stress on the breast.  Where do you find answers?? I spoke to about 6 different doctors.   They just say it happens, you should have been fine right away.  NOT>
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Me again.  My doctor says to me this week, "SH__ happens". Nice huh.  Go on vacation, you deserve it"...
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