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Nerve damage following stereotactic core biopsy

I had a 2 x core biopsies approximately 6 weeks ago. Now I have an intense burning pain at the biopsy site, especially on stretching the arm back.  This pain is not like any pain I've ever had before and is certainly not a muscular strain type of pain. I assume this is something to do with nerve damage (more likely) or reaction to titanium clip (less likely). It appears others on this site are experiencing similar types of pain. Does anyone know how long this kind of pain lasts? It is extremely painful and unpleasant.

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After the incision site heals,it's not unusual to experience occasional sharp shooting pains in the breast.Many women complain about this kind of pain after a biopsy,because ( as you correctly stated) during the procedure some nerves are disturbed or severed.It's hard to predict how long the pain will last... When it's due to nerve damage, it can take several weeks and sometimes even months for the pain to subside, but it should slowly improve along that time line.To help in the healing process,you could apply warm compresses, gently massage your breast, wear a good supportive bra and try not to lift heavy things.Over the counter medication such as Acetaminophen or ibuprofen usually can address the pain related to this type of nerve injury.
If you notice that your breast is increasingly painful or the incision site is swollen,red and you develop a fever,I would advise you to contact your surgeon for a breast exam to make sure that you don't have an infection.
Hoping that you'll feel much better soon.
Best wishes..
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Thank you for your comments. I did use ibuprofen, and more time has passed, and while I still feel a slight burning sensation if I move my arm in a certain way, the pain has lessened a lot.
It was worrying as I'd never experienced anything like this before, but thankfully this is settling.
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