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I had my last of 4 AC treatments on Tues.,September 16.  On Sept 25 & 26 (Thurs & Fri) I had neupogen shots to recover my WBC.  The following Tues I developed hip and back pain.  It is now a week past that point and the pain is worse.  Advil, aleve do not seem to help much.  I will try vioxx also.  But is this a common response to the neupogen?  If it was the neupogen, wouldn't the pain response have been sooner?  I'll also add that I have been very active throughout chemo and playing tennis, walking and eliptical machine workouts. My pain seems to improve when I try to be active. This pain does not seem to be muscular.  I had 4 sequential shots of neupogen my 3rd round of AC and did not have this amount of pain.  And my WBC was lower the 3rd round than the 4th.  Also, I start Taxotere next Tuesday.  I understand that the Taxotere can lower WBC even worse than AC.  Also, T has some of it's own achiness side affects.  Does this mean that my response to neupogen will become worse?  Does neulasta have less pain side affects?  Thanks for any help!
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Dear valpal, Usually aches and pains associated with neupogen happen within a day or two of injection and subside after a day or two.  From what you describe I would be more tempted to attribute your pain to a possible injury, check with your doctor who can assess your situation and evaluate the pain.
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I have had Taxotere and Taxol. I have also had Neupogen. The bone pain from the Neupogen begins about 2-3 days after the start and lasts the duration for me- 10 days. The Taxanes also cause bone/muscle pain- and it can be unbearable for 1-2 days.

I have also had AC. My whites have stayed within low normal throughout.....but I take MGN-3. Neupogen was prescribed as a preventive only because I changed regimens and the new chemo regimen is very aggressive. But my whites are 3 x's high end of normal when I take the shots- so I don't really think I need it. The difference between AC and T in terms of WBC was slightly lower after T for me....but not a whole bunch. My RBC has consistenly inched lower after each treatment- regardless of what kind. I think everyone is different when it comes to response- and of course the dosage of chemo has an affect. But I do know that the "low point" is 10 days post chemo.
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Thanks for comments!  My low point is more like 14 days post treatment.  But this time I have had alot of back and hip pain.  First time I didn't.  The timing for pain is consistent with what you have just said.  Also, I didn't have a period this month...I am wondering if chemopause has set in and caused more bone and joint pain than usual. I'm 45 and premeno. (or post now)
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