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New Calcifications

I'm 37 years old and had my 3D mammogram and got called back because they found some microcalcifications.  This is the first time I've gone a full year without a 6 month follow up due to previous problems. I have dense fibrocystic breast. So I went back in for a diagnostic ultrasound and mammogram. The radiologist came in and talked to me about this and let me know of course calcifications were normal but that i had a cluster and that's what they were concerned about. They gave me a 4 as far as the the birad score. We scheduled the stereotactis biopsy but they were not able to located it with that because it's so small. He me an option to follow up in 6 months or see a surgeon. Not sure what to do. I was comfortable with waiting but now I'm not so sure. Any advise would be great.  
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Calcifications that grow in a cluster are suspicious because they sometimes cluster around a mass.The appearance of clustered calcification on x-ray, gives clues to the radiologist, but not definite answers and that’s why a biopsy was recommended. Since these calcifications were so small, I don’t think you should be worried waiting 6 months to follow up.
A BIRADS category 4 means that the calcifications are just suspicious but nothing more than that.
Seeing a Breast Surgeon is a very good idea so you can obtain a second opinion as to what should be done in your particular situation. He/she might also advise you to wait 6 months to follow up.
FYI many biopsies done on suspicious calcification (clustered), turn out to be benign,so best wishes and I hope that all goes well for you!
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Thanks! One minute I'm fine and the next it worries me. I'll let the surgeon look at it and go from there.
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