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New lump and discharge

I am 21 years old with family history of fibroids and cancer. I found a marble sized rubbery non-painful lump directly under my areola. I also have clear, watery, sticky discharge when manipulated. I am going to see a specialist next week. Does this sound more like cancer of fibroadenoma? The discharge doesn't go with fibroadenomas.
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Dear JCgal, Many women have some type of nipple discharge or fluid when their breasts are squeezed, and its normal. Squeezing the nipple sends message to the brain and the pituitary gland responds by increasing prolactin levels, which in turn produces discharge from the nipple. The discharge can come in a variety of colors
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I dont mean to piggyback on your comment but I have a concern about  bloody discharge from the nipple as well.  (I couldnt post my own comment because it was full.)  About a month ago I noticed little spots of blood in my bra on the left side.  I immediately went to the Dr who then sent me to get a mammogram (everything came back fine)...then I was sent to a specialist who scheduled me for a biopsy coming up on the 20th.  There are no lumps and has been no pain and no other changes on or around the breast...and the discharge is not happening on a regular basis. In fact, I thought it had gone away until the specialist squeezed my breast (hard) and the bloody discharge came out.  None of my friends have ever heard of such a thing but everyone seems 'concerned', which quite frankly scares me more than just a little bit.  I am not sure what the Doctor will be looking for when he does the biopsy. I am 43, non smoker, non drinker, have 4 children and not on any medication except a mild drug for high blood pressure. If anyone out there has gone through something similar, could you please let me know what your outcome was?  Thank you so much...
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