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Newly Diagnosed - How did you find out ?

Title : Newly diagnosed - How did you find out you had breast cancer and how was
the diagnose delivered to you ?

Hi everyone, It has been years since I've posted on a MedHelp forum.  I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and my journey so far is quite "unconventional" and I really look forward reading your posts and sharing our experiences.

I use to come on the Cardiac Forum and also the Rare disease Forum, and even though I have been through a lot medically in my life (and my daugther too) and that I have survived and even surprised myself with many outcomes...I am so scared. I have been faced with death "sentences" by some of my doctors many times in the past and have been able to let go of the fear of dying when I was much younger. But now...I am just scared...scared of not being there for my daughter, scared of many things I was not before and I repeat to myself everyday day that everything is going to be OK , that I will, with patience, faith and determination, find the right medical team. And even if I even been recognized for my resilience, courage and humility...I can't help being scared and angry at how my situation has been handled so far.

I am convinced that many of you have gone through the "cycle" of acceptance and that even if you did have faith and hopefully a good surgical team and support, that at some point you had your doubts.

I hope that my journey here will both be helpful for you and for me. And that I will be able to share my progress towards welcoming my fears and angers (bits by bits) and eventually, let go, like I have done so many times in the past.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to me, I am already grateful to know that this community exists.

Take Care.
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Sorry you have been given this diagnosis but remember you are among MANY. Hopefully your diagnosis was made at an early stage of the disease and can be handled in the simplest way. You seem very unhappy with how your particular case has been handled but you don't mention any more about this ..... wondering what was so unconventional. Each Physician and Institution has their own routine that they follow no matter who you are; very little "special" treatment is given to anyone these days when "RUSH" is the name of the game ... so many people to see and so few Dr.s to do the job.
Now to your question about the discovery and notification :   Found a lump on monthly self exam ---- saw Family Physician who ordered appropriate testing .... results were conveyed by phone that a consult with a Surgeon was necessary for a biopsy .... that was done, biopsy scheduled and results of Breast Cancer were again conveyed by phone ..... a second appointment made with the Surgeon to discuss upcoming surgery which was scheduled. Diagnosis in August ... Surgery in October. I would think that my experience was pretty much routine.   Regards ....
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On February 24th, 2010...I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was small, 1.4 cm, about the size of a grape, located in my right breast. Well hidden from sight or touch, but visible on a mammogram and ultrasound. My Pathology report indicated: "Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma", Moderately Differentiated. Estrogen Receptor Positive: 100 percent Progesterone Receptor Positive: 98 percent HER2/NEU NEGATIVE (0/3+)

Waiting for the results is hard enough, but when you are told of the results, it cuts through you like a Hot Knife. At first there is denial, (This can't be happening to me)...followed by a Calmness (I can get through this, I will just take it one step at a time!) closely followed by frustration, anger, resentment, confusion, and intense Fear.

It is ironic how my journey began. 2 weeks before my Core Needle Biopsy, I had begun getting daily emails in my inbox. "Know the Warning Signs of Breast Cancer", "Do You Have Breast Cancer? Know Your Options." "New Techniques in Breast Cancer Development." "Click Here For More Information on Breast Cancer." It never occured to me that this was a gentle nudge or warning sign from God. But I know I am not on this Journey alone. 3 days before my Biopsy, I had fervently prayed to St. Theresa to send me a Rose. And that I saw...one single red rose, lying between the gate, and the Statue of Padre Pio, of whom I stopped to visit, at one of our Local Churches. It was Alive, It was Fresh, It was New. A Breath of Fresh Air, amongst all the other dead flowers that surrounded it. I felt that this is the sign I was looking for..that this rose was meant for me to see. I can't describe the sense of calm, and peace that suddenly came over me.

"One Day At A Time". That is my Motto...I refused to rush through that Journey with my head all in a whirl. I need calmness...not craziness. 17 years ago, my Father was diagnosed with Breast Cancer...It was far worse than mine...He is a Survivor.

I am 5 years out right now....and am on tamoxifen. I wish you luck and strength on your journey.
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