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Nipple Lump

Hi, I'm a 24 year old male. Roughly 2 weeks ago i carried my push mower up my basement stairs, not thinking at all before doing it about how heavy it is. Within a day or two after i developed a sharp pain in my ribs and a small lump above my left nipple. The nipples hruts when i touch it, almost like it's sore. I thought it would go away but Sometimes the rib pain was unbearable and i was growing concerned about the nipple lump.

I went to urgent care in my town, they took some x-rays and i went for an ultrasound. Both showed nothing. The doctor there gave me a prescription for 800mg ibpreoufen. I'm getting more and more worried about this lump. I'm starting to worry about cancer. Should i be worried about cancer if the ultrasound showed nothing? Could the rib pain and the nipple lump be connected? Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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Hi there.

Breast cancer is extremely rare in males.  The rib pain could still be due to the strenuous physical activity that you did two weeks ago, especially if a person would continue working and not getting enough rest.  The lump can be a sore area, like a bruise or a hematoma (blood collection) underneath the skin which would resolve with time.  The negative x-rays and the ultrasound are reassuring.  I suggest you observe the lump for any changes and report such to your physician. If it still there after a week or more, then a needly biopsy may be warranted (but this should first be discussed with your doctor).

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