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Nipple discharge

I am 48 yrs old and had my mammogram this summer. I had to go back for some more xrays and an ultrasound and was told I had frybroid cysts which I was told was common. Two days ago I decided to check my breast and squeezed my R nipple and had a thick creamy white discharge. Naturally I am a bit anxious! I am scheduled for another mammogram in Feb 2011 just to check for any changes however the Doctor did not seem concerned. Should I call and schedule an appt now or wait?  Thank you in advance for your reply.  Singr1962
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Most nipple discharges are caused by benign conditions. When nipples are squeezed, it increases the Prolactin hormone level and the more you squeeze the nipple the more the discharge will continue.I would suggest to stop pressing the nipple and see how it goes.
This fluid can be many colors and consistency.It could be green, gray, white, brown, blue or black.
Women who have Fibrocystic breasts condition, are on birth control pills or are taking  tranquilizers, produce more prolactin and may have more discharge.
However, if the discharge happens only on one side, comes out spontaneously( without squeezing),is persistent, bloody or clear and sticky like egg white,it becomes more concerning and you need to talk to your doctor about it.
I really don't think that you should worry too much about the discharge because it's very common and it happens to many women when they squeeze the nipples.
Just keep your appointment for your next mammogram as scheduled by your doctor.Waiting a couple of months won't change the outcome of the results which I hope will be favorable.
Best wishes...
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